The studio

Atelier Roman Braunhofer is an Austrian make-up studio and SFX department based in Schwechat near Vienna. In addition to its head office, the studio also operates a workshop in Vienna's 23rd district that has all the state-of-the-art equipment needed for elaborate cinema and TV assignments. Atelier Roman Braunhofer specializes in all fields of film-related make-up art, particularly in SFX make-up involving the creation of hyper-realistic human dummies and prosthetic props. Thanks to his expansive network of expert co-operation partners and more than 16 years of experience in the film industry, however, the studio's owner and creative mastermind Roman Braunhofer is also able to cater for requirements beyond his own areas of expertise.


The studio´s fortes

Being a devoted HR Giger's fan right from the onset of Giger's career, Roman Braunhofer has developed a special affinity for top-notch horror films. Just take a look at some of his deceptively realistic work and you will see that his skills effortlessly match the standards of his Hollywood counterparts in blockbuster movie productions. For more informations see: